Rediscovered Frontier

Heated Religious Debate

The Dragonslayers continued their trek to the north, past the site where the hobgoblin qizarate attacked them. However, they soon spotted a column of smoke in the northeast. Figuring that it was on the way, they headed off the trail to investigate.

What they found there was the trashed remains of a pair of wagons surrounded by a mixed bag of goblins and bugbears. The goblinoids were apparently another part of the qizarate that had waylaid a dwarf trader, who was bound to a post that had just been set alight. Upon spotting the party, they proclaimed that the prophet had delivered them more infidel blood to spill, and proceeded to attack.

The battle was bloody, but the dwarf, Leveen, was rescued. After awakening, it became apparent that he had been mortally wounded. He thanked them for his rescue, saying that after being to the tundras on all four directions, he had no desire to be slain in some sort of ungodly ritual. He asked the Dragonslayers to deliver his ashes and the locket he held to the funeral city of Chemet, in the far northern desert, a request that Zoch agreed to immediately.

All present shared a bottle of enchanted dwarven port before he passed on.



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