Rediscovered Frontier

Liquid Hot Magma Beasts

After resting for the evening, the Dragonslayers set out in search of the conjunction between the world and the elemental chaos that Ackera directed them toward.

They found it alright. It was a massive swirling cloud of air, stone, gas, lightning, fire, ice, and mist over a shifting, blasted landscape. They mustered up their courage and proceeded to enter cautiously. After an explosive mishap in which GFC got some good old singed eyebrow-equivalents, Reynolds took over the navigation and was able to successfully lead the party to a relatively stable expanse of land.

Then they got attacked by fiery hellhouds.

After a brief rest, they continued onward to the spot where the magical resonance indicated that the Primal Granite could be found. It was in a small caldera that had several islands of rock in a lake of lava. Magma Beasts seemed to be trying to get at a massive, nine-sided obelisk of the aforementioned Primal Granite covered with arcane and divine geometry that a ghaleb dur was attending and trying to build or repair.

The party proceeded to try to advance cautiously, engaging the magma beasts while suffering fire from the ghaleb dur. Flint jumped amidst several of the magma beasts and thrashed them. Zoch was immobilized by one while GFC advanced slowly and methodically through the beasts. Reynolds summoned a dust devil to fight for him while Koshi provided covering fire.

They discovered that the obelisk would, at random intervals, send out a ragged pulse of arcane or divine energy. This pulse would overload people who used it and force them to release it in a jagged, inefficient blast that they nonetheless directed at their opponents.

Zoch fey-stepped to the large island with the obelisk and engaged the ghaleb dur directly. It took a very dim view of this and demanded that the “channeler” turn back. GFC then underwent a transformation that made him look like a magical cybernetic ram who proceeded to rush the main island and wail on the ghaleb dur.

The confrontation came to a close when it slammed the ground and sent out a shockwave the knocked Zoch off the island. He landed on an outcropping of rock and burst into flame from proximity with the lava. The rest of the Dragonslayers defeated the ghaleb dur and managed to pull Zoch back up, but with the burns covering him so completely, his fate remains unknown.

With the death of its constructor, the obelisk collapsed into a pile of Primal Granite to reveal that it had been containing a bizarre thing that looked like a nine-sided cylinder with a pointed bottom tip. It was covered with otherworldly, alien writing and pulsed with a strange energy…



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