Rediscovered Frontier

Rock the Circle

After successfully returning the villagers captured by the Ragebrand orcs back to Ravensperch, there was much rejoicing. Drinks, dancing, illicit hookups, etc. The leadership of Ravensperch agreed to re-establish contact and trade with Port Erilous.

Six decided that, until he figured out why he was suddenly able to use divine power, he would hold off on adventuring with the Dragonslayers and instead open up a gear shop.

Three weeks passed. The ‘Slayers were contacted by Heimdal, who informed them of his intent to return to the Nightsand tribe to bring news of trade between the hobgoblin tribes and Port Erilous. He also gave Quinn a necklace from Yazh’min that turned out to be part of a courtship custom (And Quinn put it on before its significance could be explained).

GFC-97 then approached and began inquiring about the Skull Brigade and its significance. To say that he caused a ruckus is one way of stating it.

Coming peeling out of her lab (as she often does) Ackera arrived and sent Heimdal scurrying for cover. The ‘Slayers covered for him and used the opportunity to deliver a few choice jabs at his pride, which coincided with a slight trebling of the ground. She then asked the ‘Slayers to help her obtain enough Primal Granite to start the construction of a teleport circle back to the old world. She explained that there would be a conjunction with the Elemental Chaos and enough primal matter would be spilling through that it should be possible to collect enough Primal Granite to lay the foundations.

After she left, Heimdal came out of hiding and explained that it would likely be very dangerous. As he left, he asked if they’d felt the earth tremble.

The next day, the ‘Slayers set out. They met a hobgoblin qizarate on the way, but that wasn’t anything a little sword to the face wouldn’t solve.



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