Rediscovered Frontier

Seeing everything clearly (and I do mean EVERYTHING)

In spite of how quickly he was pulled out, landing that close to molten lava had caused Zoch to erupt into flames. Even after being pulled from the outcropping, he was covered with hideous burns. He managed to cough out a final farewell before his eyes went blank.

The bizarre monument that was left when the obelisk collapsed was revealed to be a floating, slowly-rotating nine-sided polyhedron with a pointed underside. Strange glyphs with even stranger markings were imprinted on each side, and GFC said that the markings around the glyphs were in the language of the Makers.

Reynolds, in his investigations, tapped it.

When he returned to his senses from where he had collapsed twitching on the ground, he claimed that he had seen “everything”.

It was quickly decided that the monument would lead to no good and the Dragonslayers proceeded to gather up the primal granite that they’d come for while Flint went to investigate something in a quickly forming lake that he’d spotted.

It turned out to be a body encased in ice that thawed when brought to the extremely hot environs of the area surrounding the monument. Within was the body of a strange-looking humanoid who quickly regained consciousness and demanded to know what the “children of the Immortals” were doing in his home. It was quickly established that his name was Othos and he was a Genasi. He claimed to have been serving the Primordials in defending the Elemental Chaos. Now without Primordials to serve, he asked to accompany the Dragonslayers as they were obviously a troop of warriors.

After leaving the site of the conjunction with the Elemental Chaos, they gave Zoch the appropriate field burial. At that point, a fae bounty hunter emerged from the mist, annoyed that he had caught up with Zoch only to find him dead. However, he told the Dragonslayers that Zoch’s debut of insult might very well fall to the shoulders of his companions in the eyes of the Cendriane nobility. Also, he seemed to recognize Koshi as “Little Knife” and indicated that Goldskin would be interested in having found her.

On the way back to Erilous, they came upon a large collection of tracks that seemed to be leading southward. This turned out to be the tracks of a Skull Brigade warband. There was a brief skirmish at with some of their scouts, after which they fled back to Erilous.

Flint and Reynolds delivered the primal granite to Ackera (along with a somewhat over-the-top warning that the Skull Brigade was on the march), GFC and Koshi retrieved the gem from the silver statuette (which turned out to not be silver at all), and Quinn and Othos delivered the news of the Skull Brigade’s movements to Duke Aracksun.

Reynolds nearly got his ass kicked by the patrons of the Silver Griffon, Flint got a big kiss on the cheek from Ackera, GFC attached the gem to a receptacle on his chest and learned the information it contained, Othos made the Duke’s shit list, Quinn got invited to a formal ball, and Koshi caused the least amount of trouble for a change.

After meeting at Six shop for some rest, they were surprised to discover that the person that let them in wasn’t Six but a tall, robed figure in a featureless mask that said one thing:

“I bear a message.”



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