Ramis "Ren" Reynolds

Full Time Wizard


Reynolds arrived in Port Erilous with the headstrong arrogance of someone that’s never had life kick his ass.

This quickly changed.

After accompanying The Dragonslayers to the Elemental Chaos, and subsequently doing something VERY stupid, Reynolds has had his eyes opened to the world around him.

In the subsequent time after his first encounter with the knowledge contained in The Relay, Reynolds has become increasingly erratic in both his actions and his psyche. Adding to this problem have been his quasi-conscious rambles through other Space-Times and his growing inability to properly remember information gathered from said travels.

To better combat the outsiders and the reality bending powers they possess, Reynolds delved into the tome of the mysterious forerunners that fought “The Outside Enemy” before and in doing so has gained insight and power to use against them. However this act has also served to further unhinge his already strained and fragile grasp on sanity.

The Dragonslayers managed to defeat D’lak, Agent of the Illithid who are even now putting more plans into effect to destroy this world.

Reynolds, after leaving the mysterious book and his ghostly companion in Port Erilous, went back to one of the Relays. He has not been seen or heard of since.

Ramis "Ren" Reynolds

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