Erevan "Zoch" Naïlo

Paladin of St. Kord


Zoch’s final sheet can be viewed here.


An eladrin paladin who has rejected the traditional religion of his people and become a follower of St. Kord. Upon his knighthood, he was given the holy name “Zoch.” He reacts poorly to blasphemers and heretics, but otherwise seems fairly easygoing, if aggressive.

Zoch’s temperament made him an outcast even before he left home to join the church. He joined the Expeditionary Mercantile Company after breaking the nose of a loud-mouthed noble during an important social function. He has let it slip that he has a fiancé, but he doesn’t seem interested in pursuing the relationship.

Zoch was killed during the expedition to the Elemental Chaos. He was buried and given the last rites due a faithful paladin of St. Kord.

Erevan "Zoch" Naïlo

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