Tag: Skull Brigade


  • Renzou Mechrus

    The leader of the Skull Brigade. He is an ex-Marshal of the Reconquest Legion who was instrumental in pacifying a large fraction of the frontier. His dereliction set the reconquest essentially back to square one, forcing the Duchies to not only re- …

  • Nila Rus

    One of the Skull Brigade's most dangerous operatives. She is a master of disguise and is responsible for the murder of several influential members of the Expeditionary Company. Her height, build, and appearance are unknown, and even her name is likely an …

  • Filis Raisu

    An ex-scout of the Reconquest Legion, she is responsible for arranging the Skull Brigade's spy network and preventing the Reconquest Legion from getting a fix on their base of operations. It is believed that she has several informants within the walls of …

  • Maxel

    A young man who joined the Skull Brigade after coming of age during the Turbulence. He apparently blames the Duchies for the woes of the people in the frontier. Has a tattoo of a cross and a broken sword.

  • Reesha

    Lieutenant of the 14th Footsoldier group. She is a fairly skilled blade-fighter, specializing in two-weapon fighting. Overcame Six, but was felled immediately afterward by Quinn. Has vowed to beat the party at their next meeting.