Port Erilous

A town that grew out of the first landing site of the Reconquest Legion. As the legion pacified more and more of the surrounding land, the civilian support that followed built more structures and made them into a harbor camp that eventually evolved into a full-fledged town. Over the years, walls were built to protect the town. When the settlement spread beyond those walls, more walls were built, giving the town a multi-layered structure.

Population: 2200 permanent residents. Humans, Dwarves, Half-elves, and Halflings comprise the majority of the population. Elves and Dragonborn are typically given a wide berth due to their bizarre religious practices.

Government: Lord Aracksun Florent is the highest-ranking representative of the Duchies. His job is oversee the defense of the Port and the reclamation of territory and

Defense: There are 500 members of the Reconquest Legion who provide protection from hostile frontier natives and keep the local peace. There are half a dozen small forts within a half-day’s ride of Port Erilous.

  • The Silver Goblet: An upscale traveller’s inn run by the dwarf Rozalyn
  • Griffonclaw Inn: Spartan lodgings for soldiers and mercenaries.
  • Portside: Dockside bar usually frequented by sailors and undesireables.
  • Wynn’s Bar: Run-down gathering place for criminals and theives
  • Broken Tankard Alehouse
  • Frontier Arms Commissary
  • Wolfpack supplies
  • Winsky Dock Church (St. Pelor)
  • Erilous Chapel (Holy saints)
  • Paganshill (informal gathering place for non-church activities)
  • Cliffside Temple (Church of the Draco-paladin)

Key Locations

Port Erilous

Rediscovered Frontier Rubio